Alternatif Pemain Manchester United jika Urung Rekrut Jadon Sancho

Alternatif Pemain Manchester United jika Urung Rekrut Jadon Sancho – Manchester United are reportedly starting to approach Douglas Costa. The Juventus winger is being targeted as an alternative if negotiations with Jadon Sancho fail.

As reported by Sky Sports, Sancho is actually still MU's number one target to strengthen the front lines. Even so, the price of 108 million pounds that has been installed by Borussia Dortmund is still considered too expensive.

Therefore, MU also tried to turn to Costa. United have reportedly been monitoring Costa since last season, and have spoken with the Brazilian player's agent.

Douglas Costa has the opportunity to leave Turin this summer. He still has two years remaining on his contract with Juventus, but he is said to have not been included in coach Andrea Pirlo's long-term plans.

However, one of the obstacles that could hinder this transfer is Costa's injury-prone condition. Transfermarkt noted last season, he only played 29 times in all competitions and missed 21 matches, mostly due to muscle problems.

Even so, the player realizes that Juve no longer need his services, and is working on a transfer for him. MU is said to be thinking about whether to take it or not.

MU is indeed trying to strengthen itself ahead of next season. Appearing in 4 competitions in a fairly tight schedule requires Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to have a good squad depth to expand his player options.

“We need to strengthen the depth of the squad because next season will be quite a long time. We have to keep pushing and asking for more from the existing players, but we also need to make improvements, “said Solskjaer after his team lost 1-2 to Sevilla in the Europa League semifinals on Monday (17/8).

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“It's strange. The league started very quickly, but the transfer market was open for a long time. So we have to be good, smart and smart in reacting to it, “explained the Norwegian manager.

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