Andrea Pirlo Beberkan Hal yang Dia Inginkan Dari Para Pemain Juventus

Andrea Pirlo Beberkan Hal yang Dia Inginkan Dari Para Pemain Juventus

Crazy Ball – New Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo has revealed some of the main things he wants from his players: possession and the ability to quickly reclaim them in the event of a loss.

Becoming the new coach of a team as big as Juventus, of course, will provide a big challenge for anyone, especially the figure of Andrea Pirlo who has no experience coaching any team before. Even though it is arguably still green in this new field, Pirlo already has the basics he wants his players to apply in their game.

In his talks to the media in the latest press conference which was also quoted by Italian Football, Pirlo specifically conveyed what he would like to see in his foster children. According to the former flamboyant midfielder, he wants the Old Lady's players to be able to control the ball well and if they lose the ball they must immediately try to get it back.

According to the coach, these two basic desires are aimed at restoring enthusiasm from Juve and also showing pro-active football with full control of the game. An idea that Pirlo's predecessor, Maurizio Sarri, also had, but apparently it could not be implemented easily.

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Although aware of the difficulties he will face, Pirlo himself sounded quite optimistic, as he felt he was at the right time at Juve. He also immediately felt comfortable on the first day leading training because he already knew many people who had worked with him while still strengthening the Old Lady as a player.

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The former mainstay of the Italian national team also added that he is quite flexible with the formation of players for his team. The new coach said Juve would be able to play with three defenders or four defenders.

Apart from expressing the things he wants from his players, Pirlo also confirmed that Paulo Dybala will stay in Turin, while Gonzalo Higuain will be released. For the coach, Dybala is an important figure for Juve especially for the project they are planning.

Source: Andrea Pirlo Reveals What He Wants From Juventus Players
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