Atalanta Hanya Akan Lepas Pemain Bintangnya dengan Syarat Ini


Crazy Ball – Serie A club from Bergamo, Atalanta will try to keep their star players next season and only let them go if they accept an offer that cannot be refused.

The success of advancing to the Champions League quarter-finals this season seems to encourage Atalanta to try to repeat their achievements next season. For this reason, Gian Piero Gasperini's team will try to maintain their star players for next season so that the team's strength will not decrease.

This wish was expressed by the club president, Antonio Percassi in his conversation with SportMediaset after his team suffered a dramatic 2-1 defeat to PSG. The president admitted that some of their important players will be the targets of other clubs next season, especially their mainstay striker Duvan Zapata.

Not wanting the strength of his team to decrease drastically, Percassi promised to try to retain their important players and add new talents so that their squad would be even stronger. However, the president also did not dare to guarantee that the wish was 100 percent fulfilled, because Atalanta himself could not escape if there was an offer at a price they could not refuse.

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Not including a team that has a strong history and tradition of success in Europe, Atalanta will indeed need time if they really want to become a team that doesn't need to sell players at all. Especially during a pandemic, it is very difficult of course to force to retain all players, if there is an offer that can help the financial condition of the team.

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However, one thing is for sure that the president will try to do how the team from Bergamo will be able to continue to maintain their achievements next season. Because, it will not be easy to continue to be in the top position, especially for a team that often loses important players like what happened to Atalanta.

Even though in the last two seasons, they have successfully been in the Champions League zone, the competition could get tougher next season. Moreover, the squad from Atalanta itself actually doesn't really rely on young players anymore in the last two seasons.

Source: Atalanta Will Only Release Star Players with These Conditions
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