Belum Bisa Berbahasa Italia, Cristiano Ronaldo Dikritik Legenda Juventus

Belum Bisa Berbahasa Italia, Cristiano Ronaldo Dikritik Legenda Juventus – Juventus legend, Pasquale Bruno, criticized Cristiano Ronaldo. Bruno is annoyed that the Portugas national team captain does not yet speak Italian.

Cristiano Ronaldo has strengthened Juventus since the 2018 summer transfer market. La Vecchia Signora brought the superstar from Real Madrid for a dowry of 117 million euros.

Since then, Ronaldo immediately became the backbone of Juve in scoring goals. Until now, Ronaldo won two Serie A titles and one Italian Super Cup title.

However, in the midst of his brilliant achievements, Ronaldo was criticized. CR7 was deemed disrespectful to his teammates because he could not speak Italian either.

“He's stupid. He is currently living in Italy for two years and has not yet learned the language. He uses Spanish to express himself, “explained Bruno at the Tiki Taka event as quoted by the US.

“He has no respect for his team-mates or Italians in general,” he continued.

Currently, Ronaldo's relationship with his teammates has not been buffeted by rumors. That means, language is not an obstacle in communication.

However, Pasquale Bruno's statement is clearly a harsh criticism of Cristiano Ronaldo. This is because communication is one of the keys to achievement.

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