Hampir Bergabung Ke Klub Lain, Hakim Ziyech: Untung Saya Bersabar

Almost Joining Another Club, Hakim Ziyech: Fortunately I'm Patient

Almost Joining Another Club, Hakim Ziyech: Fortunately I'm Patient

Hakim Ziyech revealed that Chelsea is his dream team, even though two seasons ago he almost joined Arsenal and Barcelona.

At a glance Sports – Hakim Ziyech who won a league title with Ajax,

And helping them reach the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2019, relieved to be joining Chelsea at this time.

Ziyech said two seasons ago he almost left for two other big clubs, if that happened, he would not be with the Blues now.

But now the 27-year-old is both happy and comfortable playing at Stamford Bridge.

“Two years ago I almost moved elsewhere, but that didn't happen, and for myself, looking back now, I'm glad it didn't happen.

“Because since then I have also had an extraordinary journey with Ajax, and an incredible time. I improved a lot on the highest stage in Europe.

And this summer for me is the right time to go forward, step up and I am very happy that I still have the last two years at Ajax.

“I think the last two years have improved me a lot, not only as a person but also as a footballer.” said Ziyech.

The midfielder has made two appearances for Chelsea from the bench after overcoming a knee problem that has plagued him.

The Moroccan star came on in the second half of a goalless draw in the Champions League against Sevilla on Wednesday.

Where Chelsea ended up having six summer senior players on the pitch at the same time.

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Ziyech also praised his coach Frank Lampard, and couldn't wait to wait for his strategy.

But before that, he had to deal with the problem of an uncomfortable injury.

Admitting that he still needs time to reach his best performance after his injury, Ziyech said: “

“For me now it's better, I can't immediately play nicely after injury,”

“The injury happened at an unfortunate time, so for me now it's important to get back into rhythm and build things up from scratch.

“I know it will take time, but for me it can't be fast enough.

“That's what's happening now, what's most important for me to build and reach 100 percent fitness, and that's what we're working on now.” the lid.

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