Harry Maguire Habiskan Rp1,2 Miliar untuk Pesta 5 Jam sebelum Ribut dan Dipenjara

Harry Maguire Habiskan Rp1,2 Miliar untuk Pesta 5 Jam sebelum Ribut dan Dipenjara

DBasia.news – Manchester United captain Harry Maguire was jailed for two nights last week. Before that tragic moment, he first held a party with a bill value of IDR 1.2 billion.

Harry Maguire was arrested by police after being involved in a commotion in Mykonos, Greece on Thursday (20/8/2020) evening WIB. The commotion started when Maguire stepped in to defend his sister Daisy.

Not only that, Harry Maguire was also said to be involved in a commotion with the police who wanted to arrest him. The 27-year-old was reported to have punched the police, causing injuries to his face.

Before being finally released, Harry Maguire was under threat in three cases. The three cases were violence against officials, injuring people and attempted bribery. However, all was denied by Maguire.

Harry Maguire was on holiday in Mykonos last week. He has just completed a long 2019/2020 season with Manchester United. Harry Maguire is on vacation with several of his colleagues and siblings.

It was reported by The Sun, two days before the riot with the police, Harry Maguire first held a party elsewhere in Mykonos. Harry Maguire spent 63,000 pounds [sekitar Rp1,2 miliar] for a duration of five hours.

The breakdown of the bill was £ 35,000 to pay for two bottles of champagne. Maguire and his two siblings – Judd Trump and Chris Hughes – also have to pay £ 1,200 for lobster, and £ 800 for a steak.

For Harry Maguire, the bill was actually not that expensive. Because, players who have defended Leicester City get wages of up to 190 thousand pounds per week from Manchester United.

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Harry Maguire had originally intended to defend his sister Daisy. He was stabbed with a “sharp weapon” in the arm. Harry Maguire immediately stepped in to beat the attacker.

In addition, there were also ridicule aimed at Harry Maguire personally. Harry Maguire was ridiculed for his performance in the 2019/2020 season. In fact, there was also mockery for Manchester United.

Harry Maguire underwent an examination on Saturday (22/8/2020) local time, after two days in prison. Harry Maguire was later released because his case was adjourned by a local court. Now, Harry Maguire is in danger of losing his captaincy at Manchester United.

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