Ini Alasan Sebenarnya Lionel Messi Urung Tinggalkan Barcelona

Ini Alasan Sebenarnya Lionel Messi Urung Tinggalkan Barcelona

Crazy Ball – Lionel Messi finally spoke up and revealed the real reason why he finally gave up his intention to leave Barcelona this summer.

After 10 days of tiring days, to be precise after his lawyer sent a burofax expressing his desire to leave Barca on August 25, the Blaugrana captain finally revealed his official statement via Messi will continue his career with the Blaugrana that he has been defending for two decades.

Speculation regarding the unclear future of Messi at Barca finally came to a halt on Friday (4/9) local time, after he declared that he was reluctant to leave the Catalan club.

“I will never go to court against a club that has been a part of my life so far, that's why I decided to stay at Barcelona,” said Messi, as reported by the press. Sport.

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Today begins with the departure of Jorge Messi – his father and agent, to the Leo Foundation office in Barcelona to meet his advisors and prepare a statement letter. The letter was addressed to La Liga Preside, Javier Tebas, where they tried to defend their position and claimed that the agency had misinterpreted Lionel Messi's contract.

A few hours before the statement was published, Messi had provided them with a video in which he explained his initial intentions to leave Barca and his reasons for changing his mind to keep defending the Barcelona banner.

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Tebas and La Liga's replies then replied to Jorge Messi's message as soon as possible, with a new statement re-expressing their support for Barca and once again regarding the acceptance of the contract termination clause which reached 700 million euros, equivalent to Rp 12 trillion.

Without a doubt, Messi tries to avoid problems – both legal and economic, so that he can move to a new club without problems when his contract at Barca expires on July 1, 2021. At that time, there is no doubt that he will truly have freedom without problems. of course if there are no problems in the next few months.

Now, with the player's own explanation, everything has indicated that this problem has been resolved, at least in the short term, and Ronald Koeman could count on Lionel Messi in the 2020/21 season.

Source: This is the real reason Lionel Messi canceled his leave from Barcelona
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