Inter Milan Ingin Bek Mudanya Bertahan Hingga Lima Tahun Lagi

Inter Milan Ingin Bek Mudanya Bertahan Hingga Lima Tahun Lagi

Crazy Ball – Inter Milan are reportedly trying to extend the contract of young defender Alessandro Bastoni until 2025 although currently the new player's tenure will end in 2023.

With his growing form with both his club, Inter Milan and the Italian national team, young defender Alessandro Bastoni is increasingly attracting the attention of many in the world of football. Not wanting any disturbance or temptation to come upon the player, Inter are now reportedly in the middle of serious talks about a new contract to tie Bastoni even tighter.

The intention to extend the player's contract has actually appeared since a few months ago, given the status of Bastoni who has turned into a core player for Antonio Conte. However, with a contract period that will still be valid until 2023, the management of the Blue Black squad does not seem to want to be too hasty in making decisions regarding the future of the former Atalanta player.

However, according to the latest news from Tuttomercatoweb, Bastoni's fine form in his two internationals with Italy has made Inter seem increasingly concerned about the future of their assets. The Nerazzurri camp is now said to have started serious talks about a new contract with the hope that the player will be willing to stay until 2025.

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Serious talks are reportedly currently underway between Inter and the player's agent and it looks like the situation is going pretty well. The target of the management of the blue and black team is to see Bastoni have signed a new contract until 2025 at the beginning of the year.

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Even though the discussions had taken place, it seemed there was no reason for the two parties to force the signing of the contract to take place immediately. With the long-term contract offering offered, Bastoni certainly still has to think long and see from all angles, including financial.

Inter themselves also certainly want to be careful and don't want to offer too high a fee seeing the player is still very young. Unreasonably high salaries could make it difficult for the Black Blue squad in the future if they are to return to discussing a new contract for Bastoni.

Source: Inter Milan wants its young defender to last another five years
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