Juve Gagal Menang Lawan Lazio, Pirlo Enggan Salahkan Paulo Dybala

Juve Failed to Win Against Lazio, Pirlo Reluctant to Blame Paulo Dybala

Juve Failed to Win Against Lazio, Pirlo Reluctant to Blame Paulo Dybala

Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo doesn't want to blame Paulo Dybala, defending the playmaker's attitude after the Old Lady was held 1-1 by Lazio.

At a glance Sports – Andrea Pirlo said he did not complain about Paulo Dybala being considered the source of Juventus' failure to win against Lazio.

Juve took the lead through Cristiano Ronaldo in the first half, but Lazio managed to equalize at the end of the match.

The goal came when Dybala failed to counter-attack, allowing the home side to score the equalizer.

Even so, Pirlo himself believes there is nothing to blame in the match, while insisting that every player makes mistakes.

Not only Pirlo who supports Dybala, Leondardo Bonucci also thinks the same,

According to him, Lazio was only lucky to be able to create this golden opportunity as well as convert it into goals.

“We lost the ball and four or five of us made mistakes.

“Who would have thought that we could concede? Nothing, but if you're not 100 percent focused, you run the risk of conceding a goal.

“We put in a performance which I think is more than enough for Juventus in that match.

“We were solid and aggressive in the defensive phase, Lazio I thought was a bit of a chance, but we conceded instead at the last minute.

“Next time we will play better than this game, that is a target we will achieve and will maximize it as much as possible.” Bonucci said after the match.

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With this draw, the two teams only got one point, making Juventus now stuck in 5th place with a score of 13 points.

Meanwhile, Lazio is perched in 9th position with 11 points.

Juventus are now scheduled to play again on 22 November after the International break against Cagliari.

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