Juventus Resmi Menunjuk Pelatih Baru Untuk Menggantikan Sarri

Juventus Resmi Menunjuk Pelatih Baru Untuk Menggantikan Sarri

Juventus Officially Appoints New Coach To Replace Sarri – Juventus officially appointed Andrea Pirlo as their new manager to replace Maurizio Sarri. The Italian Serie A champions fired Maurizio Sarri after Juventus were eliminated in the last 16 of the 2019/20 Champions League.

After Sarri's dismissal, several new Juventus coach candidates emerged. Starting from the former coach, Massimiliano Allegri to the former Tottenham manager, Mauricio Pochettino.

But Juventus finally announced that their main coach seat next season will be occupied by Andera Pirlo.

The reason Juventus chose Pirlo

According to an official statement from Juventus management, there are several reasons why they have entrusted the position of the first team coach to Pirlo.

Pirlo is a player who closed his career in Turin, Juventus thinks he has excellent technical ability, and this can be seen in his fantastic playing career.

Pirlo is also considered to have the ability needed to handle talented players in the Juventus squad.

Pirlo is also rumored to have signed a short-term contract at Juventus. The 41-year-old man signed a two-year contract. He will train Juventus until 2022. Meanwhile, the Juventus management has not announced the contract value.

The first experience

Juventus seems to be making a big gamble by appointing Pirlo as the first team coach next season, because this Italian national team legend has basically never had the experience to coach a senior team. He got his career as a coach to handle Juventus exactly 10 days ago.

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