Keinginan Premier League Hadirkan Penonton saat Pertandingan Terhalang Izin Pemerintah

Keinginan Premier League Hadirkan Penonton saat Pertandingan Terhalang Izin Pemerintah – Plans for the Premiere League organizers to open the stadium to spectators will be hampered. This is because the local government still has to evaluate this desire for the sake of safety in sporting events.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told a press conference on Downing Street that the sporting event is likely to be open to a maximum of 1,000 spectators.

“We will review the opening plan for a larger number of spectators this month, in light of our desire to reopen the stadium from October 1,” he said. This does not mean we will cancel everything, but we have to evaluate it, “he said as reported by Reuters, Thursday (10/9).

Minister of State for Digital Affairs, Culture, Media and Sports Oliver Dowden via his Twitter account said changes to plans would be announced in the near future. This attitude is suspected to be the mouth of an increase in Covid-19 cases in the UK.

“Work continues to bring the audience back at least closer to Christmas Day,” he said.

The Premiere League is scheduled to start rolling on Saturday (12/9). So far, spectators are still prohibited from coming directly to the stadium to prevent the spread of the new corona virus.

Premiere League CEO Richard Masters said his party was ready if the government allowed the opening of the stadium starting October 1.

“We are following government policy. So far all I can say is that the Premier League clubs are still ready to open the stadium on October 1 if we are given permission, “he said.

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Masters admitted that the stadium closure greatly affected the economic aspects of the club and organizers due to reduced revenue in terms of ticket sales.

“Of course there is an impact. “The absence of an audience affects every club financially,” he said.

Masters said, every week the Premier League matches at least 20 million pounds for the local and national economy. He emphasized that the Premiere League really wants to be part of the economic recovery as soon as possible.

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