Ketergantungan Barcelona Terhadap Messi

Ketergantungan Barcelona Terhadap Messi

Barcelona's dependence on Messi – Barcelona successfully advanced to the Champions League quarter-finals thanks to the star Lionel Messi, who impressed in the match against Napoli in the second leg of the last 16.

As usual, Messi was the key to Barcelona's victory at the weekend. It only took 20 minutes for him to beat the opposing team. During that time, Messi was awarded a penalty and scored two goals, although one of his goals had to be disallowed because of handball.

When Messi is at his best, Barcelona becomes a strong team and can beat any team. On the other hand, Messi is clearly not receiving enough help from his team-mates.

Barcelona is very dependent on Messi and this has happened over the last few years. When Lionel Messi performs poorly, Barca really has no way of continuing to win, and of course not all Barcelona opponents will be as easy as Napoli. In the quarter-finals they will face a strong team Bayern Munich, Messi himself may not be enough.

Barca, of course, have other options and must not keep hoping for a Messi to save them every game. Other players such as Antoine Grizemann and Luiz Suarez also had to take part.

Threat of injury

Messi's condition after the match against Napoli was worrying, because he got a hit from Kalidou Koulibaly, but fortunately Lionel Messi did not get injured.

On Monday, when the Barca squad should have been given one day off, Messi was seen still visiting the training complex to consult the club doctor. He also received a number of treatments and Messi's condition was not bad. He will certainly play against Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals.

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