Leicester Kian Dekat Dapatkan Winger AS Roma asal Turki

Leicester Kian Dekat Dapatkan Winger AS Roma asal Turki

Crazy Ball – Leicester City are reportedly getting closer to winning the hunt to land AS Roma winger from Turkey, Cengiz Under in the transfer market this summer.

Lacking the trust of AS Roma coach, Paulo Fonseca last season, the future of Cengiz Under does not seem certain to prevent the return of the new season. The player is reportedly not included in Fonseca's plans and will be allowed to leave if an attractive offer comes for the winger.

This situation turned out to have attracted the interest of several top teams in Europe, such as Napoli, AC Milan, Arsenal, Bayern Munich and Leicester City who were said to have an interest in the Turkish national team player. Of all these enthusiasts, the latest news from La Stampa reveals that it is Leicester who are likely to be the winner and get the 23-year-old player.

The club made by Brendan Rodgers is said to be bringing Under with a paid loan method of Rp. 53 billion along with an obligation to buy around Rp. 438 billion at the end of the season. Leicester certainly hope that the player will be able to provide assistance to their efforts to return to compete in the Papuans for the Premier League in this new season.

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Having become a figure who is considered the future of Roma after being brought in from Istanbul Basaksehir in 2017 at a cost of IDR 250 billion, the development of Under is not as beautiful as expectations. Several times with injury problems, his development has slowed down and with the lack of confidence from the coach last season, certainly made the situation even more difficult for the Turkish winger.

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However, at a young age, of course, the opportunity for Under to return and develop his performance is still quite large. By joining a new club and also playing in a different league, the 23-year-old winger will probably be able to find new passion as well.

As for Roma itself, sales from Under will certainly be able to help them increase their transfer budget this season. The Italian club will certainly try to bring in new players who are considered more compatible with what Fonseca wants.

Source: Leicester Getting Closer to Get AS Roma Winger from Turkey
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