Lini Depan Arsenal Dipuji, Tapi Yang Lain Diragukan

Lini Depan Arsenal Dipuji, Tapi Yang Lain Diragukan

Crazy Ball – Arsenal's attacking line is considered by Graeme Souness to be good, but he is worried about other players who could harm the club.

Mikel Arteta's team in the second Premier League match against West Ham United won 2-1. But to get that positive result they have to fight.

In the match that took place at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal's certainty of winning was through Eddie Nketiah's goal after he received a mature feed from Dani Ceballos. While one other goal was scored by Alexandre Lacazette.

Raihan three points made the club from North London collect six points. After the match, Graeme Souness immediately gave his praise to the front lines of the London Cannon. On the other hand, he warned Mikel Arteta that other players could hinder the success of Tottenham Hotspur's rivals in the 2020/21 season.

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Speaking to the media crew, Graeme Souness said Arsenal's front line had real creativity and strength. However, he thinks other players are still average and it might cost them a lot.

Whereas if they have special creative players who can complete their every chance, that's the difference in this match. For him the Gunners are very good at the moment, the rest is uncertain but everything will be found out in the next nine months.

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Of the two victories achieved in the 2020/21 season, Arsenal now rank second in the Premier League standings and Graeme Souness admits Mikel Arteta has made changes for London Red.

He added that they were in a very sad condition when Arteta arrived, but the Gunners can now do well now.

He thinks they will definitely watch the game against West Ham again and realize that they could win by luck. He considered West Ham to appear excited and for him Arsenal had special players on the front lines and The Hammers struggled.

Arsenal's next match will face Leicester City in the League Cup on Thursday (24/9) WIB. Meanwhile, the matches of the two teams will take place at the King Power Stadium.

Source: Arsenal's Front Line Praised, But Others Are Doubtful
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