Lionel Messi Bertahan Di Barcelona, Positif Untuk Argentina

Lionel Messi Bertahan Di Barcelona, Positif Untuk Argentina – Lionel Messi staying at Barcelona is a positive step, as expressed by Lionel Scaloni as the coach of the Argentina national team.

Messi's unhappiness with Barcelona's management peaked when he asked to leave, before the 33-year-old star finally told Goal exclusively to say he would stay at Camp Nou for the 2020/21 season.

Ahead of the 2022 CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers between Argentina and Ecuador at La Bombonera, Thursday (9/10), Scaloni revealed how Messi felt after deciding to stay in the Blaugrana uniform.

“I spoke to Leo when everything was resolved and I see him now calm,” said Scaloni. “Since his arrival, we have had a long chat. He is happy to be here. He now feels fine at his club.

“What we want from a distance is that everything is resolved and he is playing in a fit condition.”

“For us, it is positive that he stays because he can play right away, he knows the club, but in terms of decision making, we are not involved, we do not interfere in player affairs.”

Messi will be 35 when the 2022 World Cup is held in Qatar, but the living legend Barcelona has shown a strong determination to play at the event for the last time.

The match against Ecuador will mark the start of La Albiceleste's qualifying campaign with 10 Latin American nations playing home and away in search of four tickets to qualify for Qatar, while fifth will face play-offs against other confederation representatives.

“We want and hope to qualify for the World Cup for our country but also for other reasons, including for Leo to play there,” continued Scaloni. “This is not something we just discuss, we will deal with it one by one.”

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Scaloni has revealed he plans to retain his position as a striker for the national team, even though his role at Barcelona has retreated slightly.

“Leo will always be a striker, whether playing as number 9 or another position,” he said. “I don't think his position at Barcelona has changed much, he is still playing up front.”

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