Maurizio Sarri Merapat ke Fiorentina

Maurizio Sarri Merapat ke Fiorentina – After being sacked by Juventus and replaced by Andrea Pirlo, Maurizio Sarri is reportedly getting closer to training Fiorentina.

Fiorentina's interest in Sarri has actually been wafted by the public since a few months ago. The management of La Viola seems dissatisfied with the performance of Giuseppe Iachini, who has served since December 2019.

But Fiorentina's interest collided with Sarri and Juventus' contract clauses. After being fired, it turned out that the former Chelsea coach was still paid by the Bianconeri for the next two years.

This is what makes Fiorentina back off regularly. The rumors of Fiorentina and Sarri then slowly disappeared.

But Sarri seems impatient to return to training. He is willing to terminate his contract with Juventus in order to accept Fiorentina's proposal.

Reporting from Sky Sport Italia, the termination of employment between Sarri and Juventus will occur in the near future. The Old Lady's camp agreed to pay a compensation fee of 6 million euros which was her salary for one season, but canceled the option to pay in the third season of 2.5 million euros.

Termination of the contract will allow Sarri to immediately handle Fiorentina. It is not impossible that this will happen early next week.

Fiorentina is currently ranked tenth in the Serie A standings. Sarri's presence is expected to lift the performance of this team and compete in the European zone.

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