Pemain Bidikannya Diincar Roma dan Milan, Lazio Bisa Tertikung Lagi

Pemain Bidikannya Diincar Roma dan Milan, Lazio Bisa Tertikung Lagi

Crazy Ball – Lazio can return to the corner after a player they have been hunting for a long time, Vedat Muriqi is reportedly also being targeted by their two rivals, AS Roma and AC Milan.

Their disappointment was not over when they were cornered by Real Sociedad about the transfer of David Silva some time ago, Lazio are reportedly able to suffer the same fate as their other target, Vedat Muriqi. The striker belonging to the Turkish club, Fenerbahce, has reportedly been getting closer to becoming a new striker for Simone Inzaghi's team since a few weeks ago.

Even a few days ago, there was news that Lazio had reached an agreement with Fenerbahce to bring the player for Rp. 314 billion. However, it turned out that the last news from Italian Football mentioning that the Turkish club itself has denied any agreement was made to sell Muriqi to Inzaghi's team.

Not only denying the existence of an agreement, the Turkish giants also revealed that there were several other offers to bring their attacker so that agreement had not yet been reached. Based on reports from local media in Rome, several teams that are ready to compete with Lazio for Muriqi are none other than AS Roma and AC Milan.

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Both teams are looking for a forward for the coming season and find the Kosovar striker an attractive target. Roma might need someone to replace Edin Dzeko, who was reported to have left for another club.

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Meanwhile, Milan are also looking for a figure who can serve as a coating for Zlatan Ibrahimovic next season, because it is impossible to rely solely on the 38-year-old striker throughout his season. Moreover, Stefano Pioli's squad also have to compete in the Europa League, so they will probably have a very busy match schedule and need an alternative figure up front.

This situation is indeed not an ideal thing for Lazio, because if they return to lose their target players, the ability of the club's management can be in doubt. Not only by fans, their players might also question why it is difficult for the Biancocelesti to bring down the targets they are chasing.

Source: Players targeted by Rome and Milan, Lazio could be cornered again
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