Pendukung Stuttgart Galang Dana Untuk Merekrut Messi Ke Klubnya

Stuttgart Supporters Raise Funds To Recruit Messi To His Club

Stuttgart Supporters Raise Funds To Recruit Messi To His Club

Stuttgart fans gathered to submit a bold fundraiser for the Argentine superstar.

At a glance Sports – In response to news that Lionel Messi has submitted a transfer request to Barcelona,

Stuttgart fans gathered to make a bold crowdfunding offer for the Argentine superstar.

While fans of the Bundesliga club clearly did not expect the Argentine to sign,

All donated money will be used for good causes.

Messi believes his contract has expired with the Primera Division team and is eligible to leave on a free transfer this summer.

But La Liga supports its club,

Which means any team that wants to sign him will likely have to fail. his € 700m (£ 627m / $ 835m) exemption clause.

Stuttgart supporters seem to ignore the hefty sums of money.

And have set their sights on raising € 900 million (£ 805 million / $ 1 billion), perhaps to finance the salaries of the superstar who came up with such a name.

To generate the funds needed for the deal,

The fans of a team that finished bottom third of the Bundesliga last season and avoided relegation only because of their success in the play-offs are holding an unlikely whip.

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A statement on the GoFundMe page stated: “We VfB fans are raising money to pay for Lionel Messi's transfer.

If the planned number is not reached on time or Lionel Messi joins another club,

100% of the money raised will be donated to Viva con Agua. “

Formed in St Pauli, Via Con Agua “is a non-profit organization committed to ensuring,

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That all people around the world have access to clean drinking water ”.

Manchester City, meanwhile, take the lead in the race for Messi,

Meanwhile, Paris Saint-Germain and Inter are also considered very interested in this player.

All three clubs benefit from wealthy owners and do not have to rely on crowdfunding to generate their finances

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