Pogba Akui Jadi Biang Keladi Kekalahan Setan Merah

Pogba Akui Jadi Biang Keladi Kekalahan Setan Merah

DBasia.news – Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba admitted to making a “stupid mistake” and causing Manchester United to lose 0-1 against Arsenal at Old Trafford so that the Red Devils recorded their worst start at home in 48 years.

Manchester United lost 1-0 when they hosted Arsenal in the 2020-2021 Premier League match, at Old Trafford Stadium, Sunday (1/11). The goals scored by the Gunners came from Pogba's mistake.

The match lasted 0-0 until Arsenal finally got a penalty kick in the 68th minute. Penalties for Man United were given after Paul Pogba violated Hector Bellerin in the forbidden box.

“We know this is a bad performance. I could not make such an offense, “explained Pogba as reported by the BBC.

“I thought I could touch the ball, but I didn't. I made the team conceded today from a penalty. We have to be better and it starts with ourselves. “

Paul Pogba insists he has no intention of tackling Bellerin. However, he struggled because he was physically drained.

“I felt I only touched the ball a little. I know I'm in the box. I shouldn't have made a penalty like that, “explained Pogba.

“Maybe, I'm a little out of breath. It made me make stupid mistakes. I will learn from that incident. I'm not the best in the forbidden box, but I will fix it. “

With that defeat, Manchester United are entrenched in 15th place in the standings. Meanwhile, Arsenal advanced to ninth place.

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