Robin Van Persie Prediksi Laga Manchester United Vs Sevilla

Robin Van Persie Prediksi Laga Manchester United Vs Sevilla – Robin van Persie estimates that Manchester United will win 3-2 when they face Sevilla in the Europa League semifinals on Monday (17/8).

On paper, Manchester United are certainly more favored because the players are more classy. They also have big names and are respected in Europe.

But in the Europa League, Sevilla has more tradition than Manchester United. Los Nervionenses always end tournaments with titles when they reach the semifinals.

This fact made Van Persie doubtful. He is aware that Sevilla could be a nightmare for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team.

“Sevilla are one of the favorites but they have to find a way out against Manchester United. They are tournament fighters and live to play a game like this, “Van Persie told Stats Perform News.

Van Persie's words were not arbitrary. Sevilla, who have won the Europa League trophy five times, certainly have high self-confidence when competing in this tournament.

Sevilla is now the main tackle for Manchester United to win the title. The Europa League has indeed become the only tournament they can win this season.

Van Persie assessed that Manchester United's season could not be said to have failed even though later they failed to win the Europa League trophy. He considered that the game of Paul Pogba and his friends had progressed significantly.

“I can't say that not winning trophies means their season is not successful. After the interval the results look positive and this is promising for next season, “he added.

Apart from Sevilla, Manchester United should be worried about their record in the semifinals this season. From the previous two occasions, they had never been able to step up to the top party.

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