Tidak Konsisten Jadi Masalah Real Madrid di La Liga Musim 2020-2021

Tidak Konsisten Jadi Masalah Real Madrid di La Liga Musim 2020-2021

DBasia.news – Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos revealed the problems that occurred to his team in the 2020-2021 season. Kroos considered, Los Blancos are still not consistent in undergoing match to match.

Real Madrid are in fourth place in the standings after eight LaLiga matches. Meanwhile, in the Champions League, El Real is also not comfortable qualifying for the next round.

According to Kroos, this happened because Real Madrid was inconsistent. Real Madrid cannot keep up their winning streak.

“Real Madrid is still lacking something. It's no secret. All can see it. We lost a lot of points and were inconsistent, “explained Kroos as reported by Marca.

“If you look at it it looks like two good results, one bad result. It keeps repeating itself. We have to do better, “continued the midfielder.

“You watch a few games and realize you can get better. Against Barcelona, ​​the first half against Inter Milan, and one other match. We can of course improve, but we still lack consistency. “

Kroos revealed several reasons behind Real Madrid's inconsistent appearance. The schedule is busy, there are no new players, and injuries are considered to make El Real's pace not optimal.

“If we play well against Barcelona, ​​we have to win against Cadiz and Shakhtar Donetsk at home. There is a big difference that sometimes is very good, but at other times it is very bad. We have to improve if we want to achieve something. “

Real Madrid are facing a tough match in the next two matches. Zinedine Zidane's squad will visit Villarreal (21/11) and Inter Milan (26/11) headquarters.

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