Tottenham 2-1 Brighton, Gareth Bale Cetak Gol kemenangan Untuk Spurs

Tottenham 2-1 Brighton, Gareth Bale scores the winning goal for Spurs

Tottenham 2-1 Brighton, Gareth Bale scores the winning goal for Spurs

Tottenham won 2-1 over Brighton thanks to Gareth Bale's first goal since joining back on loan from Real Madrid.

At a Glance Sports – Tottenham narrowly won 2-1 over Brighton & Hove Albion at the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium in the Premier League continued match on Monday morning (2/11/2020) WIB.

Gareth Bale, who played in the second half, was the winner after scoring his first goal since returning to Tottenham.

His goal also marked the rise of Jose Mourinho's men from disappointment in the Europa League when they lost 1-0 to Antwerp on Friday (30/10).

The opener for the Spurs came when Harry Kane was pushed by Adam Lallana right on the line of the penalty box,

The referee previously only gave Tottenhan a free kick, but after seeing the VAR decision, the referee turned it into a penalty.

Kane who became the executioner of the penalty kick made it a goal, Spurs winning 1-0 in the 13th minute.

Indeed, Brighton won possession with statistics recording 57 percent for the visitors,

But Tottenham's hard-to-penetrate defense managed to keep the scoring advantage until the first half ended.

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Entering the second half, the visitors continued to dominate the game, until in the end Brighton broke the deadlock in the 56th minute,

Tariq Lamptey who received feedback from Pascal Gross this time managed to convert the goal, at the same time equalizing to 1-1.

Jose Mourinho, who saw his team being pressured, tried to replace several players, it was proven when Gareth Bale who came on to replace Eric Lamela managed to get his name on the scoreboard.

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His goal came in the 73rd minute when Sergio Reguillon tried to stab from the left side of the field.

Before releasing Bale's bait without escort in the middle of the penalty box,

The bait from Reguillon's side was met by Bale who immediately directed the ball into the right corner of the goal which the Brighton goalkeeper could not reach. Tottenham winning 2-1.

Quoted from the Twitter account @OptaJoe, Bale scored again for Tottenham Hotspur after 7 years and 166 days.

His goal lasted until the game ended, making Tottenham now only 2 points apart from leaders Liverpool with 16 points.

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