Usai Operasi Otak, Kesehatan Diego Maradona Dikabarkan Membaik

Usai Operasi Otak, Kesehatan Diego Maradona Dikabarkan Membaik – Soccer legend Diego Maradona is currently undergoing treatment at a clinic in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Maradona was treated after undergoing brain surgery.

Doctor Leopoldo Luque, who handled Maradona, revealed that the legend's condition continues to improve and is now getting better.

The legend, who once defended Napoli and Barcelona, ​​underwent surgery after a blood clot was found in his brain.

“Diego is better, much better,” Luque was quoted as saying by Corriere dello Sport.

Luque has followed the Gimnasia coach's development since he was brought to the Olivos Clinic.

Previously, Maradona had to be sedated by a doctor to help her overcome Withdrawal syndrome or a series of physical and psychological symptoms experienced after quitting alcohol dependence.

At that time Maradona's personal doctor, Alfredo Cahe, said that the legend underwent emergency surgery because of a blood clot in the brain.

Diego Maradona last appeared in public on his 60th birthday (30/10). At that time, celebrations were held before his team's match against Patronato. On that occasion, he was not at the stadium to watch the match. Witnesses said he looked unwell and weak.

Maradona often had to get hospitalized for several years because of his lifestyle. In 2004, he was taken to hospital with severe heart and respiratory problems related to cocaine consumption. A year later, he underwent a surgery to constrict his stomach which resulted in him losing weight.

In 2007, Maradona checked into a clinic in Buenos Aires to help him deal with his alcohol abuse problem. Maradona fell ill during the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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Early in 2019, he was hospitalized for internal bleeding in the stomach.

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